Daily Business Review 11/7/06 Marine Industry Man Says Yacht
Company Deal Left Him High and Dry

December 1, 2005  Bruce D. Fischman was appointed of counsel to the law firm of Miller, Kagan, Rodriguez & Silver, PA 

Fox News.com 2/20/02 Online Rants Not Always Free Speech

Federal Observer 2/20/02 Online Rants Not Always Free Speech

Online Journalism Review 2/7/02 Suits Target Carte Blanche Posting

Secure eNewsletter 9/24/01 New Specialty: CyberLaw

Seattle Times 8/26/01 More Lawyers Enter Cyberspace

Sun Sentinel June 6/25/01 Wired to the Law: Internet is Newest Frontier for Lawyers

Smart Business April 2001 The Bounty Hunter

The Star-Ledger Archive 2/23/01 Walking a Fine Line on Cyber Rights

Facts & Findings February 2001 E-Trashing the Company

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/24/00 Are Anonymous Opinions Protected by 1st Amendment?

Firm Announcement 11/9/00 The Fischman Law Firm, P.A., formerly known as Fischman, Harvey & Dutton, P.A. and senior partner Bruce Fischman Awarded Top Rating by Martindale-Hubbell

South Florida - The Business Journal 10/23/00 Region's
Companies Play Role in Muzzling Web Chat

MoneyWatchTV 10/19/00 Court Rules ISPs Must Divulge Defamers
Video - 28 K
Video - 300 K

The Guardian 10/19/00 Big Brother versus Jane Doe: Corporations are Cracking Down on Free Speech on the Web

Star Tech 10/19/00 Court Agrees That Internet Posters Can't Count on Anonymity

Freedom Forum Online 10/18/00 Florida Appeals Court Won't Quash Subpoena in Cyberlibel Case

New York Times 10/17/00 Corporate Case in Ohio Raises Questions on Internet Anonymity

Miami Herald 10/17/00 Internet ID Must be Revealed

Internet World 10/17/00 Chat Room Identities Must Be Revealed, Court Rules

LATimes 10/17/00 2 Firms Ordered to Identify Message Posters

Daily Business Review/Law.com 10/17/00 Yahoo Pulls Hvide Message Board

Ananova 10/17/00 No Anonymity for Internet Chatrooms

E-Commerce Times 10/17/00 ISPs Ordered to Reveal User Identities

AP 10/16/00 Article Carried By:
AOL Anonymous Net Posting Not Protected
Boston Globe Ruling Challenges Online Anonymity
CNet/News.com ISPs Ordered to Reveal Customers' Identities
FindLaw Anonymous Internet Postings Not Protected
Fox News Anonymous Posting Not Protected on the Net
MSNBC ISPs Must Divulge Defamers
St. Augustine Record Anonymous Internet Postings Not Protected
USA Today Unsigned Net Postings Unprotected
Wired News Net Speech Isn't All Free
Yahoo! Anonymous Net Posting Not Protected

Newsbytes 10/16/00 Anonymous Posters Can't Hide On The Net

Dow Jones Newswires 10/13/00 Hvide Can Probe Online Identities

Wall Street Journal 10/13/00 Court Says Online Posters Have No Right to Anonymity

Press Release: Erik Hvide v. John Does - Third District Court of Appeals of Florida denies petition for writ of certiorari by defendant attempting to block release of identities by Yahoo! and AOL

Sun Sentinel 9/20/00 Wronged Businessman Asks Appeals Court to Shred Anonymity on the Web

Dow Jones Newswires 8/11/00 Activists See Progress For Anonymous Web Posters

St. Louis Business Journal 7/24/00 Laser Vision, Zoltek, Pulaski Battle Inaccurate Chat on Message Boards

NPR Online - All Things Considered 7/21/00 Internet Suits

Fox Market Wire 7/2/00 Fighting Over Free Speech

SF Chronicle 6/26/00 Online Speech Hit With Offline Lawsuits

NorNewsNet 6/25/00 Norwegian-American Millionaire Destroyed by Anonymous Chatter

USA Today 6/23/00 Lawsuits May Threaten Web Anonymity

Miami Herald 6/19/00 Miami Lawyer Seeks Cyber Slanderers

NYTimes.com 6/9/00 Judge Says Online Critic Has No Right to Hide

WSJ.com 6/2/00 Online Critics Get Tougher In Fight to Stay Anonymous

Business2.com June 2000 Identity Crisis

Mealey's Cyber Tech Litigation Report June 2000 Miami Judge Orders AOL, Yahoo to Identify Defamation Defendants

Palm Beach Post 5/27/00 Web Privacy Precedent May be Set in Lawsuit

Sun Sentinel 5/26/00 Anonymous Internet Screen Names at Issue in Court Case

Stock Point 5/26/00 Appeal Uncertain in Chat Room Case

Miami Herald 5/26/00 Judge Orders AOL, Yahoo! to Identify Online Writer

APBNews.com 5/26/00 Ruling Could Strip Online Anonymity

The Daily Review.com 3/3/00 Doctor Being Sued

FloridaBiz 3/3/00 Debate Brews Over Hvide's Internet Suit

Boston Globe Online 2/29/00 Free Speech or Cyber-Slander?

Orlando Business Journal 10/11/99 Investors Slam Beeline Project

UTU News Digest 9/23/99 Commuters May Never Recoup Lost Time

Wall Street Journal 7/7/99 HealthSouth's CEO Exposes, Sues Anonymous Online Critics

Post-Gazette 4/29/99 State College Man Pays Large Penalty for Internet Attack on Company

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